This is a fun and provocative painting of Queen Elizabeth. Her possible alter ego.  she's wearing Ray Ban sunglasses, her famous royal crown.  She's showing some cleavage and some leg with her fishnets and tattoos.  The background is of the Union Jack with graffiti and many hidden messages. #thronelife Throne life

ALTER EGO (Limited Edition)

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I've always wondered how difficult life must be when your every move is scrutinized... and you're always in the spotlight. What would you do if you had the chance to secretly live an alter ego, after hours? I have several in my head...

This one is of our beautiful Queen Elizabeth! I imagine she'd love Kid Rock so much that she'd where some bling across her knuckles... proclaiming that love... She might kick off her shoes and break it down... take a little smoke ...
Who knows... Just imagine.... #THRONELIFE AFTER HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOOM IN AND LOOK CLOSELY.... there are a lot of hidden little messages in the graffiti!

The original painting is on canvas and measures 24 by 36... With antique frame, solid wood, together measures 44 by 32 by 3. AVAILABLE

ALL GICLEE AND PAPER PRINTS are printed with archival ink, paper and canvas.