She was born with a love for all things creative.  Raised in the mountains of West Virginia, at 18 she answered a calling from the ocean.  Planting roots by the sea, dreaming of an artful life, her greatest masterpieces came into
being... her daughters.  
One day, many years,  a guest in Cindy's home noticed her gift for design.       
That encounter would eventually grow into a full time gig.  Along the way,
she still secretly wanted to paint.  After opening a brick and mortar, where she sold her
painted furniture, along with decor and art pieces from other locals, she quietly started slipping
in her own original paintings.  After several pieces sold, Cindy was hooked.  Shortly thereafter, and 5 years since opening, the reality and cost
of owning the largest design retail spot at the oceanfront came to an end.
IN HER OWN WORDS: "I committed to no commitments for 3 months.  I rented out my little beach cottage and hit the road.  I surfed the Atlantic, hiked mountains and spent lots of time with friends and family up and down the coast.  I knew God gave me this dream and a gift to make it possible.  I decided to go for it.  I haven't looked back once.  It's not always an easy or glamorous life.  It's really challenging and certainly unpredictable.  But here I am... doing what I love... EVERY DAY!"
Cindy's work has evolved through the years, meeting the specific needs of clients.  Sometimes it's almost impossible to find the right piece, the right size
at the right price.  This is how her wild, random range of paintings, from
graffiti to seascapes came into play. She's been featured in several magazines and local papers.