This painting is of a Native American girl.  She's young with an old soul.  Her skin is brown with red tones.  Her hair is dark and braided.  There cardinal on her head is a deep red.  The canyon and mountains are many tones of reds and browns.  The sky is blue with purple, yellow and orange,


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As the sun breaks the horizon I turn to the West.  In awe, as if it were the first time, my eyes are filled with a spectacular show as a colorful painting appears.  Revealing the miracle of this place, the fog rises up from the valley.  I know that I am not alone in this mysterious place.  I am surrounded by the angels... my ancestors... God.  I feel their warmth wrapping around me like the comfort of a mother's embrace.  I am grateful.  I am curious.  I am at peace.

Original 12 by 16, acrylic on board. AVAILABLE

ALL GICLEE AND PAPER PRINTS are printed with archival ink, paper and canvas.