This painting is alive! The background is graffiti style art with paint splatters, birds, vines, flowers, drips and writing that says, "SAVE ME".  The girl or young woman is praying.  She's wearing a Renaissance style dress in sheer white with plumed sleeves  off the shoulder.  Her skin is fair and her hair is brunette with auburn tones.  This painting is heavily textured with several layers and drip marks.


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My mind is in constant thought and travel. I have so many beautiful ideas, images and paintings going on... ALL AT ONCE. I'm not complaining... but Gaaawwww... SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!

The original is 18 by 24 inches acrylics and oils over linen stretched canvas, with antique, ornate gold frame.  AVAILABLE.

ALL GICLEE AND PAPER PRINTS are printed with archival ink, paper and canvas.