BORN AGAIN BUDDHA (Story below)  Graphic T-Shirt Unisex

BORN AGAIN BUDDHA (Story below) Graphic T-Shirt Unisex

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The story behind "Born Again Buddha"... I grew up with deep southern roots and was raised in a Christian home. Our family was very open and didn't necessarily agree with a lot of the old school ways and stereotypes. So when I moved away and started designing, I was taken back by my Mama's reaction to all the Buddhas in mine and my client's homes. I was almost offended that she seemed concerned. After many talks and trying to understand one another... I realized she was just reacting to old beliefs and she realized I just absolutely loved the zen aesthetic. As a whimsical way to assure my mother that I had not strayed from my upbringing, I told her that all my Buddhas were born again. And to prove it, I added a Rosary to each and every statue in my home... which was another little nugget, because we're not Catholic either! It's been a humorous topic throughout the years and my Mama has actually bought me a couple of Buddhas. As a tribute to my love for my Mama and a good sense of humor... I present BORN AGAIN BUDDAH!

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